Archaeologists will begin excavations to recover the port and castle of Palos

Archaeologists will begin excavations to recover the port and castle of Palos

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The University of Huelva and the City Council of Palos de la Frontera have signed a collaboration agreement thanks to which the researchers will be able to start, in two weeks, with the excavations of the second phase of the comprehensive study that the City Council requires for the recovery and implementation in value of the Historic Port and the Castle of San Jorge.

The research group "Urbanites: Archeology and Heritage", led by Professor of Archeology Juan Campos, will be in charge of carrying out the project in its second phase.

A year ago, field work was carried out, some geophysical projections by a German company, their investigations confirmed the existence of quite a few structures in the old port, from which the three caravels left for America.

The work is estimated to last two months, although the later work of the laboratory will be more durable. The Palermo Council will be the one who finances this second phase of the comprehensive study. And it is not for less because the elements keep a great historical and referential importance.

For the rector of the University of Huelva, Francisco Ruiz, he believes that the results of the study will be very useful in the future when interpreting areas throughout the area; Likewise, he was grateful to the City Council of Palos de la Frontera for supporting the recovery of spaces with such symbols as the Castle of San Jorge and the Port of Palos.

Meanwhile, the possibility arises that on the coasts of Haiti have found the remains of the Nao Santa María, one of the vessels in which Christopher Columbus's expedition traveled to America in 1492. The area where the remains of the ship were found was a place of intense ship traffic, so you will have to wait for the test scores check if it really is the nao Santa María.

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