Neanderthal camp discovered in Girona

Neanderthal camp discovered in Girona

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The archaeologists Alfonso Días and Albert Aulina, from the Girona Archaeological Association have carried out the first archaeological campaign in the area of ​​Roca Forada, at Melianta. Thanks to the use of surveys and tastings 35 centimeters deep, it has been possible to recover worked stones to create tools or weapons that are between 40,000 and 80,000 years old.

Experts believe that the site must have been a seasonal outdoor camp or maybe a space that Neanderthals used as a workshop, although he has not yet found the workshop itself. The site has been interesting from the beginning as the people of Girona were thought to have only had cave settlements.

The site was discovered in 1982 by the Girona Archaeological Association. Researchers Joan Abad and Santi Serra located more than 1,500 remains of lithic industry, as well as other remains typical of human activity at that time. Since then, more than 2,000 prehistoric pieces have been found.

Is first archaeological campaign It has had the collaboration of the Forallac City Council and has achieved good results.

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