Megalithic tombs discovered in India

Megalithic tombs discovered in India

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Last Monday they found nine megalithic tombs possibly belonging to the Stone Age in the villages of Hosaagrahara, Chunchanakatte, Kasaba and Mirle hoblis of K R Nagar taluk.

This finding is carried out by S G Ramadasareddy, Professor Mruthyunjava and other members of the Institute of the First Degree of Government, Kuvempunagar.

These megaliths were specifically on the banks of the Cauvery River, in Gandhanahalli, Kurubarahally and Lalandevanahalli towns. Three to six meters in length, these rocks were found near the remains of vessels with red and black stripes, bones, grinding stones, and stone equipment.

On a farm they have been found two megaliths facing each other, while another figure could have been used for an animal sacrifice.

Although the locals think that the holes in the ground were made by their relatives of old generations for their rituals, the archaeologist Mahadevaia refers to the research, which indicates that their ancestors dug these holes to find out when the stars could be observed in the sky.

For their part, the megaliths are similar to those found in Kerala, part of Europe and Turkey.

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