How accurate is Stone's “The Trial of Socrates”?

How accurate is Stone's “The Trial of Socrates”?

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I have stumbled upon I.F Stone's book "The Trial of Socrates" at a huge discount, and as someone who developed an interest in history and philosophy I took it. When I came home and read some reviews it appeared to me from the reviews of the book that he is not being completely honest to the ancient Greek sources, and he kind of distorting facts to prove his point, which is that the Athenians were more on the right side of this issue than is generally believed in our culture.

For those of you who are educated on this topic, how accurate is his book? When I bought the book, I genuinely believed it wasn't a controversial book, and if it is not accurate, can you recommend a good source on Socrates's trial and Greek history in general?

Short Opinionated Answer

The "truth" behind Socrates forced suicide though is not in the proceedings. The far reaching meaning is what Plato ascribes. Average People cannot be trusted with self governance. Democracies fail to protect minority's from the tyranny of the majority. It's why the founding fathers of the United States did not trust Democracies, and never intended to create one. That is why most countries today are Republics and not true Democracies. It's why in the United States we have an electoral college which has overturned 2 or our last 5 Presidential elections. Hell it's why in the original Constitutions people didn't even get to vote for their president or senators directly.

Longer more PC Answer

I would argue if you are invested in the blow by blow what happened, it's not very accurate at all. That's not a bad thing. Stone is not completely "honest" to the ancient Greek sources because the primary sources were not about honesty or a true account of the proceedings. They were both about framing the catastrophe and ascribing meaning to that catastrophe.

(*)What passes for primary sources about the history of the trial and execution of Socrates are: the Apology of Socrates to the Jury, by Xenophon; and the tetralogy of Socratic dialogues - Euthyphro, Crito, and Phaedo, by Plato. Xenophon was a young boy during the trial, and was away fighting in a Persian war during the execution. Plato says himself he was not present during Socrates execution. So they are both at best second or third hand sources who did not witness any or significant parts of the trial.

(*)I discount here Aristophanes and his comedy, Clouds, Birds and Frogs portray of Socrates teaching methods. Because while they may have been part of the trials they predate the trials and are of a genre of questionable merit when trying to view a accurate picture of what occurred.

Neither (Xenophon or Socrates) were interested in describing the trial from a historical point of view. They are more interested in imparting their own meaning behind the trial. Both concern themselves primarily with answering questions that arose after the trial than about the actual proceedings or charges. In particular, Xenophon and Plato are concerned with the failures of Socrates to defend himself. And of coarse they both disagree on what meaning to decree from this. Xenophon asserts that Socrates dealt with his prosecution in an exceedingly arrogant manner, or at least was perceived to have spoken arrogantly. Conversely, while not omitting it completely, Plato worked to temper that arrogance in his own Apology. Xenophon framed Socrates' defense, which both men admit was not prepared at all, not as failure to effectively argue his side, but as striving for death even in the light of unconvincing charges. Gabriel Danzig, in his recent book "Apologizing for Socrates: How Plato and Xenophon Created Our Socrates" interprets it, persuading the jury to condemn him even on unconvincing charges would be a rhetorical challenge worthy of the great persuader. Xenophon uses this interpretation as justification for Socrates' arrogant stance and conventional failure. By contrast, Plato does not go so far as to claim that Socrates actually desired death, but seems to argue that Socrates was attempting to demonstrate a higher moral standard and teach a lesson, although his defense failed by conventional standards. He lost, and had to drink poison. This places Socrates in a higher moral position than his prosecutors, a typical Platonic example of absolving "Socrates from blame in every conceivable way.

Suffice it to say the primary works don't put much effort into relaying what actually occurred, both are more about attributing the greater meaning and motivations, and both disagree on what those meanings were.

Probably less accurate and potentially misleading than many other rigorous takes on the most famous trial in history. An earlier comment by user2848 provides a link to Stone's self-interview published before the book came out and highlights many prejudices and politically motivated presuppositions in his thought. I have just ordered the book and will read it soon. Not because I expect accuracy, but I expect to find examples of how we reinterpret history for our own (possibly unconscious) motives in the here and now.

For accuracy, please refer to peer-reviewed articles on (1) philosophies of Socrates, Plato & Aristotle (Here is an extensive review article by a scholar) and (2) ancient Greek history of 2500 years ago (Here is the chronology of major historical facts to get started on study of the relevant history. Google search will provide much more.

It is helpful to keep in mind that in most of what we read, including the primary sources like Plato, there is a lot more literary imagination (and beauty) as well as aspirations towards a better and fairer world than an attempt towards recording of facts. Given that, one might suggest, works of "fiction" can also help guide us towards truth if not pure facts.

Barefoot in Athens by Maxwell Anderson, a play that contains a translation of the defense, is another take on the imagined reality of the trial. The extensive introduction to the play does a decent job of summarizing what we know as well as pointing out that many, including even Plato, misrepresented the "facts" to some degree. Plato, we can imagine, was deeply traumatized by what his beloved mentor and teacher suffered in the hands of a "democratic" populace. In his attempts to recover from his PTSD, he reached for a higher goal. His Republic, written many years later, expounds on Plato's political thought, not necessarily that of Socrates. Socrates is after all famous with his simple claim that he knew that he didn't know and therefore stated few judgements if at all. Socrates argued successfully that at the root of our seeming problems lies those judgements where we fancy that we know even though we don't know. We don't know how we are ignorant, or simply repress our own awareness of our own ignorance for position or political power. Socrates instead asked questions to uncover the pretense. Do we know democracy is the best form of governance? Churchill thought so, yet qualified his thought: it is a bad form of governance. But, we don't know yet of anything that's better.

In the play, we are also introduced Socrates' wife and three young sons. Their reactions to the whole affair and to the counterintuitive response of their closest relation (husband or father) are very human and telling (of the truth and likely facts of the times) as well. The movie adaption of the play is available online. It is therefore not unjustified to suspect that the "fiction" of the play may even be more accurate than the "research" based conclusions the journalist Stone has written soon after the play. There are great investigative journalists who help bring out facts. Yet, what Stone is doing is most likely nothing of the sort. Stone, in his self-interview, concludes: "Plato hated democracy." A sentiment taken too far beyond the reality or facts of the thought of the founding father of Western Philosophy. Democracy was in its infancy. Who hates babies? :-) Popper was more nuanced when he argued, more like the proper and considered philosopher he is, despite his own trauma of the Holocaust that Plato's writings do point to totalitarian tendencies in his thought and Aristotle, thankfully, geared the early direction of philosophy and science more towards observation and experimentation as opposed to ideal forms (of government and more).

The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece by Josiah Ober, and his essay on the trial (incl. reference to I.F. Stone) here. Josiah Ober is professor of political science and classics at Stanford University.

The vilest hypocrites, urged on by that same fury which they call zeal for God's law, have everywhere prosecuted men whose blameless character and distinguished qualities have excited the hostility of the masses, publicly denouncing their beliefs and inflaming the savage crowd's anger against them. And this shameless license, sheltering under the cloak of religion, is not easy to suppress.

-Baruch Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise


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Chapter VI: The Reform Movement of 1898_第六章戊戌反政变

Also frozen is Kang Youwei’s heart. When he was ready to go home for the New Year, his luggage was on the train. Weng Tonghe came out &ldquo Xiao He chased Han Xin & rdquo, finally retained Kang Changsu.

It’s hard to imagine that such a touching scene will happen between two people who are very self-satisfied, but Weng Tong and so on all the way, the chief financial officer of the Customs and Excise Department Hurd has just emerged in his mind. Some of the words that have been published:

It all depends on what can be done in the future. If we are determined to start reforms from tomorrow, today’s losses are irrelevant. Otherwise, it is just a piece of flesh thrown at the wolves, so that they can't catch up until they die.

The reputation of the South China Sea has long been in the heart of the emperor, and with the recommendation of Weng Tonghe, the ambition of seeking enthusiasm is ready to be summoned.

Yan Xin pulled the robes: not allowed.

The officials of the four or more officials can be summoned, and Kang Youwei is the principal of a six-product construction department. Of course, with the enlightenment of Xinxin, it is obviously not to follow the ancestral system, but to protect it.

In view of the unsatisfactory and prosperous people, Yan Xin’s concerns are by no means self-interested.

TVB Lao Xiu Xu Shaoxiong's Gaozu (grandfather's grandfather), and the then-employed Shangshu's Xu Yingxi were extremely disgusted with Kang Youwei, trying every means to obstruct him from seeing Guangxu.

understandable. Regardless of far enmity, whoever leads can not stand a subordinate who goes to work more than the Internet.

Many years of experience in struggle have made Yu Xin know more about Cixi than Cixi. Therefore, when Guangxu tried to use the supervision of the Military Affairs Office to set up the Air Force Department, the first person to think of the cabinet was this one that had been away from politics for many years. Uncle.

Yu Xin sympathizes and supports Guangxu. His method is to use the prime minister to block the door and find Kang Youwei to ask questions. This will not leave a handle on the opposition, but Li Hongzhang, who is in the town’s headquarters, agrees to improve. Weng Tonghe, Zhang Yinyi and Liao Shouheng are all members of Guangxu, and the remaining 奕劻 and Rong Lu are alone, affecting limited.

On January 24th, Prime Minister Tuen Mun, Kang Youwei’s talk show.

Rong Lu: &ldquo The law of the ancestors cannot be changed. &rdquo

Kang Youwei: &ldquo The law of the ancestors was used to control the land left by the ancestors, the land could not be kept, and what ancestors were still talking about? It is said that this trick of doing diplomacy is not all that is in the law of the ancestors, and it is only appropriate for the time. &rdquo

Liao Shouheng asked how to change the law.

Kang Youwei: &ldquo should be amended by law, official system first. &rdquo

Li Hongzhang: &ldquo is the abolition of the six departments, the rules and regulations are all abandoned? &rdquo

Kang Youwei: &ldquo Today’s national disputes are no longer a unified world, and the legal and official systems still follow the era of the Great Unification, and all of them are weak. thing. Even if it cannot be completely abolished at a time, it should be revised to remove obstacles for the New Deal. &rdquo

Weng Tonghe asks for fundraising.

Kang Youwei: &ldquo Bank of Japan banknotes, French stamp duty, India's land tax, to China's largest, as long as the system is changed, income can be equivalent to ten times today. &rdquo

Then they categorized the reform methods of schools, rural businesses, industrial and mining, railways, postal services, associations, navy and the army, and left Rong Lu to leave the middle.

Finally, the new work "Japan's Change of Politics" and "Russian Peter's Change" are available for collection.

That night, Weng Tonghe used two words in his diary to describe Kang’s performance during the day:

From this moment on, Master Weng can no longer keep up with the pace of the young emperor.

Can't interpret Guangxu's thirst for a sudden change as Menglang. It is because there are too many wastewoods under the arm.

Since the Manchu subjects of the ministries are mostly ignorant and there is no opportunity for external promotion and promotion, the imperial court often has to spend many years of full-time affairs as a censorship to show preferential treatment.

The result directly lowers the official culture level of the Ducha Institute.

When the Sino-Japanese War was in full swing, one day early in the morning, the Guozi prisoner and the oracle founder Wang Yurong sighed outside the Wumen and the military and sighed: &ldquo It’s not a big move. &rdquo

Tan Daoji is the famous general of the Song Dynasty in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Wang Rongrong refers to the love of Zuo Zongtang and defends Dong Fuxiang, the leader of the Gan Army in Xinjiang. Who knows that a full-fledged history has come together, ask &ldquo Tan Daoji & rdquo how to write three words.

Wang Yurong glanced at him with a scornful look and wrote it.

Full of Shi Le Biao Le er, ran home, the next day Guangxu received a serenity, the letter: Please quickly use Tan Daoji &hellip &hellip

Get upset and get another discount:

There are two major countries in northeastern Japan, 曰 Myanmar, 曰 趾 (Vietnam), the soil is several times larger than Japan, Japan is afraid As a tiger, please send a senator to go to the country, and contract with the two countries to fight Japan, you will get it.

It is not difficult to see the scene of Guangxu’s heart-warming situation when he read the words and seditions.

The same excitement is also the kindness, holding Kang, "Polish Devil", she is in tears.

The work of the Hundred Days once again confirms Cixi’s position: to reform, but not to threaten its own power and fullnessThe rule of man. Therefore, she said to Guangxu: &ldquo don't burn the ancestral tablets, don't cut the hair, you let go, I don't care. &rdquo

The problem is that Kang Youwei has constantly urged himself to talk about Guangxu, simply come to him &ldquo small change is not as good as change, slow change is not as sudden change & rdquo, in Two blockbusters were thrown in "The Sixth Book of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty": the abolition of eight shares and the opening of the system.

One from the breadth (Shilin) ​​one from the depth (high level) offended everyone.

The Institutional Bureau is introduced from Japan &ldquoImported Products & rdquo, Kang Youwei's design, the knife is cutting the Cixi's imprisonment (lu & aacute n).

The Central Institutions Bureau under the auspices of the Emperor has 12 special bureaus (Legal Bureau, Taxation Bureau, School Bureau, Rural Commercial Bureau, Works Bureau, Bureau of Mines, Railway Bureau, Post Office, Mint) Bureau, Travel Bureau, Social Affairs Bureau, Armaments Bureau), Local & ldquo Road & rdquo First set up a new political bureau, county-level civil affairs bureau, completely overhead from the military aircraft, six to local level county officials .

Until this time, the layers of masks worn by Kang Youwei on the face more than the face of Sichuan Opera were all unveiled: neither the revolutionary party overthrowing the monarch nor the reformist of the parliament, nor even Following the traditional scholar-officials of Confucius and Mencius, they are superstitious, and they want to take the son of the same family.

Kang Youwei, who is about to reach the summit, stands by the wind, overlooking the sentient beings, a look of worrying about the country and the people, and sorrowful:

China only ruled the world with monarchy, If it is vigorous and vigorous, it will be completed in March, and it will be effective in three years.

The bottom line of Weng Tonghe

Weng Tong and immediately realized that the danger was close at hand.

Although Cixi can be enlightened to give English teachers to Guangxu, but the red line of power must not be touched. Once the reforms slip to the wrong side of the party struggle, there is no chance to turn back. At that time, Weng Tonghe will be the first to be the leader of the Imperial Party and Kang Youwei.

After reading the "New Learning Pseudo-Quotations", Weng Tonghe began to exclude Kang Youwei from the depths of his heart, calling him "and" a wild fox & rdquo

And after comparing the "Confucius Reform" with the opposite of the public release and the introduction of Guangxu, Weng Tonghe had serious doubts about Kang Youwei's character.

The opening of the parliament or the opening of the institutional bureau, the road to the two can be described as the north and the south. One extends the civil rights and one strengthens the monarchy.

For Kang Youwei to talk about parliament and constitutionalism before and after the reign of Wuxu, only the fierce opposition during the reign of Wuxu, the backbone of the League, Hu Hanmin sharply pointed out:

In the past, because the official position was not high, or because of the constitutional provisions, it was not a glory to be a noble member. And the purpose of summoning, I think that the day can be used, how many pieces of Chen will be used when the law is changed, as a new political dignitary, why not be a big one? In case he putsIs it not inconvenient to hold the government’s authority but be supervised by the House?

Kang Youwei also understands that the population of the Qin dynasty and the Chu dynasty was very tamper with the historical truth in the "Eight Ducts" published in the future.

Take the Sixth Book of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty as an example. In the original compromise, the position of the system bureau was &ldquo the old-fashioned new policy, considering its appropriate & rdquo, the pseudo-conformity became &ldquo commercial new policy, draft constitution & rdquo.

Not only that, but the pseudo-folding also incorporates a description of the Western political system that was not mentioned at all in the original paragraph: &ldquo There are officials who have a deliberation, an official, and an official. The three powers and then the political body preparation &hellip&hellip&rdquo

How many politicians think that as long as they do enough secrets, they can escape the trial of history. As everyone knows, under the precipitation of time, both good and evil are exposed.

Recognizing that Kang Youwei’s purpose is to slap the brakes, and when Guangxu once again asks him for Kang, he said &ldquo

Guangxu was shocked, and asked about it, Weng Tonghe and answered &ldquo this person is guilty &rdquo.

The emperor is on the spot: I am tempted to recommend you to me?

He resisted anger and let Weng Tong and Chuanzhizhang &mdash&mdash bypass your head office?

Unexpectedly, Weng still refuses, and asks: &ldquo Zhang sees you on a daily basis, why not face it? &rdquo

This is a bit old-fashioned.

The forty-year-old age gap is deep enough to make love and father and son become fellow travelers.

Dividing the crisis made Weng Tonghe's thoughts change gradually. Even once he wanted to entrust Hannagan to train his troops, but his life, the rejection and hatred of foreigners is deeply rooted.

In his writings, the British ambassador Bachary &ldquo嗫嚅(niè rú, vomiting and vomiting), the most odious & rdquo, the Japanese-made Yantian Saburo & ldquo陋而狡&rdquo, only the US ambassador, Yang John & ldquo Shang Dun笃 & rdquo. Zeng Jize and the foreign guest Zhou Xuan are &ldquo slang, 啁啾 (bird called) not & amp rdquo.

Not only that, Weng Tonghe also wrote a diplomatic activity as &ldquo noon national envoys to worship (not book &ldquo visit & rdquo). A group of geese and ducks (tà, messy) only & rdquo. Write the end of the party as &ldquo the ambassador retires, and the rest scatters & rdquo.

Such an old man who is dealing with foreigners is compared to &ldquoThe contradiction with Guangxu is more like the difference between the two eras.

The focus of its outbreak is diplomatic etiquette.

After the Second Opium War, the powers successively sent a minister to the Qing court. Around the rituals of the emperor when he saw the Emperor of Qing Dynasty, the difficult and tortuous negotiations between China and foreign countries began, and finally ended in the 12th year of Tongzhi (1873) with the submission of the Qing government.

In February of that year, Tongzhi pro-governance. In June, the ministers of the five Western countries met with the emperor in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai, instead of worshipping.

In 1898, in the face of the situation of pushing the wall down, Guangxu humiliated and steadily improved the diplomatic etiquette and made it compatible with the international community.

In April, Germany’s Prince Henry visited Beijing, and Guangxu allowed him to take the sedan into Donghuamen and planned to meet at Zhaoqing Palace. Weng Tonghe, who had just experienced the Jiaozhou crisis and was fed up with the German bird, expressed strong opposition.

In the same month, when accepting the credentials of the Russian ambassador, Guangxu no longer succumbed to the side of the shackles, but let him directly put Dan 陛 in front of his case.

Such a ritual trip, neither to discuss with the Prime Minister’s Tuen Mun, nor to say hello, but only Zhang Yinyi knows in advance, this can not help Weng Tonghe’s doubts about Zhang’s intentions.

Just as Xu Tongshen Zhang Yinxuan &ldquo mercenary is the picture & rdquo, Guangxu let Weng Tong and out of force to protect, Weng Jian refused. The two were unable to hold each other and the dispute was fierce.

The real fatal blow is Yu Xin’s last words.

Cixi and Guangxu visited the critically ill Xin Xin. When asked about the reusable courtiers, he recommended four people: Li Hongzhang, Zhang Zhidong, Rong Lu and Yu Lu.

Guangxu tentatively mentions the next Weng Tonghe, and Xin Xin’s conditioned dying stunned, and broke the grievances that have frustrated the foreign affairs and blinded the main battle for many years: &ldquo The iron of Kyushu can't cast this big mistake! &rdquo

In May, Yu Xin passed away and Guangxu officially showed his show to Cixi.

The two made a political deal: Cixi acquiesced to Guangxu's reform, and Guangxu took Weng Tong and fried squid and abolished the military office.

It is the military minister, Gang Yi (1837 & mdash 1900) that makes Cixi decide to get rid of Weng Tonghe.

This person's reactionary world is rare, once had &ldquo Han people strong, Manchu will die & rdquo &ldquoNing gift AIA, 毋 and home slave & rdquo The quotations are handed down to the world. 传坊传曰: Self-talking is just a secret, and he is independent and independent.

Just the secret is not the vulgar and ignorant image of "Towards the Republic". He has carefully crafted a beautiful iron screen with 12-faced enamel carvings to celebrate the Empress Dowager.

The problem is that the Chinese and foreign gifts are piled up like mountains, and Cixi has long been numb, and any strange technique is not irritating to her. In order to attract attention, resolutely sprinkle silver, buy the eunuch, put the screen in the inner palace of the Queen Mother, and really leadWith the attention of Cixi, the next life will be moved to the palace &hellip&hellip

The power vacuum left behind by Xin Xin prompted Gangyi to get up. He colluded with Li Lianying in various forms in front of Cixi, and finally turned over Weng Tonghe. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt officialdom Surf & lt / p & gt & lt p & gt 1898 Nian 6 11, Guangxu issued the "set the country is Chao", opened the big screen Reform Movement. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt After two days, acting Li Bu Lang Xuzhi Jing Paul played Kang, Zhang Ji, Zunxian, Tan, Liang as & amp ldquo access the times of the material & amp rdquo , dynasty intended summoned, Weng again Xuyuweishe. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt is the last time. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt June 15, Weng birthday. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt 1:00, the window began to drizzle, & amp ldquo Hi and insomnia & amp rdquo of Weng Tong simply got up early, palace to empty after prostration. & Lt / p & gt & lt p & gt Weng let the eunuch edicts not to enter, but Jin Jian and his colleagues make a come.

After waiting for an hour, the colleague came out to retire, and the eunuch read the imperial edict:

Weng Tonghe immediately opened the book.

There are two counts of guilt.

First, most of the recent work does not allow for the association second, the mood is seen in the resignation, gradually revealing the power situation.

A generation of calligraphy everyone Weng Tong and farewell to the political arena.

Once upon a time, he was famous for rehabilitating the case of Yang Naiwu and Xiaocai, thinking that he could make great achievements and recreate the mysterious yellow. Now I want to come, God has already reminded him of one thing: In fact, you can't do anything.

That was a loan for foreign banks. A subordinate of the household department quietly told Weng Tonghe that the person who handled the matter had not suffered a small rebate.

Weng Tong and the wrath of the anger, immediately played the Guangxu, asked to strictly check the food rebate, to Su Chaogang.

Who knows that the next day, Guangxu shook his head helplessly: &ldquo Yesterday's business does not have to be pursued. &rdquo

This is to know that the original Cixi also received a kickback.

Weng Tonghe is speechless.

This time, he really realized the indifference of the official to the outpost. No one spoke for him, no one saw him off. When I was transferred to Tianjin, I finally received a letter of comfort and a valuable silver ticket. It was the warmth of Yuan Shikai, who was not close to him, when he was cold.

Weng Tong and the old tears. He returned the silver ticket and left a letter.

History has a turning point on this day.

Since the Westernization Movement, the reality that the rulers of the late Qing Dynasty had to face was to re-use Li Hongzhang and other talents, and to prevent them from sitting big.

After the Jiawu period, the local forces represented by Beiyang were shattered, and how to &ldquorecreate the central & rdquo became the core national issue.

One possibility that people are full of imagination is that Guangxu establishes authority and realizes true pro-government, while the dominant mission is the unsatisfactory Weng Tonghe.

But in any case, the political experience of a steady helm is unmatched by the young and radical Kang party. Therefore, the intergenerational fault caused by Weng to Kanglai caused the ship of the Qing court to suddenly sway.

There are two orders issued at the same time as Weng Tong and vacancies: First, Wang Wenzhao adjusts the lack of military ministers, ministers and heads of the Ministry of Military Affairs left by Beijing Buddhism, and Rong Lu takes over Lieutenant Governor and Minister of the North Sea Second, the future of the new two-person or above must be grateful to the Queen Mother.

It can be seen that in order to be able to operate independently, Guangxu signed a contract with Cixi.

The second article does not say. The first article, after the supervision of the Military Affairs Office was revoked, the new station of the small station was directly attached to the Beiyang Minister. Putting the post-party sages in this position is self-evident.

After the adjustment of the military aircraft, Gangyi continued to follow, Yulu’s attitude was unclear, Wang Wenqi played soy sauce, Qian Yingqi was old and sick all year round, and Liao Shouheng, who supported the reform, was left alone.

The biggest failure of Guangxu is in prejudice and refuses to use Li Hongzhang.

Diplomacy depends on the General Administration, internal affairs to see military aircraft. Li Hongzhang once said privately to people that Kang Youwei’s abolition of eight shares is something he did not dare to do.

Indeed, thirty years ago, he thought that the scholar-officials and ldquo used what they had learned, what they had learned, and how many times they used it, and repeatedly tried to test the imperial eight shares of the court. Possibility, the result is a piece of &ldquo use the change of summer & rdquo

The transfer of such a person who is recommended by Xinxin and who is dependent on him to the military foreman from the General Administration of the General Administration will not encounter resistance, but also provide an insurance for the reform.

The result is that the Central Committee has changed, and Li Hongzhang has only received a medal and a food from the Queen Mother for encouragement.

On June 16, the Summer Palace Renshou Hall. The first and last time, Kang Youwei was summoned by Guangxu.

In the same garden, there are also Rong Lu and Li Hongzhang who are coming to Xie En.

In the room, Kang Youwei meets Rong Lu. The latter is slow: &ldquo With the talent of the Master, there will be a way to remedy the situation? &rdquo

Rong Lu 鄙 Thin Road: &ldquo I already knew that the law was changed, but one or two hundred years of practice can be changed in the morning? &rdquo

Kang Youwei is furious, and stunned: &ldquo kill two or two of the big members, the law will change! &rdquo

Ronglu thinks that if you don’t have the power, you will be mad like this, really want to be in power, not to be bloody?

When he saw Cixi, Li Hongzhang was present. Rong Lu Li Yan Kang Youwei Destroyed the DPRK, the EmperorIf you listen too much, it will be harmful.

Fear of insufficient weight, and look at Li Hongzhang, saying that Li Xiang has experienced many things, and it is too much for the future.

Li Hongzhang immediately gimmicks, called the Empress Dowager, and then lingered in it.

Cixi sighed: &ldquo son is big, where do you recognize the mother? In fact, I don't care. You are the governor, but do it by knowing it. &rdquo

After Li Hongzhang retired, his look changed and he told Kang Youwei to remind him to be careful.

Guangxu’s summons lasted for two hours. Kang Xuyou succeeded in making the emperor believe that the reform does not have to remove the minister, and the special minister can. The minister has no work, no loss of official care, and resentful remarks will calm down.

A few days later, Shangyu gave Kang to walk for the Prime Minister’s Tuen Mun Zhang Jing.

The walker has something to do, and nothing to go is much lower than the expectations of the Kang party. Liang Qichao commented: &ldquo The General Administration walked, ridiculous. &rdquo

Fortunately, you have the right to give a special offense, no need to rely on others to forward.

Immediately afterwards, Kang Youwei called &ldquo sweeping the clouds and seeing the blue sky & rdquo of the eight shares on the agenda.

The day of the death, but not like the flickering &ldquo triumphant thunder & rdquo, but caused a widespread panic than bird flu.

At that time, there were nearly 10,000 people in the capital, and there was only one topic when they gathered for dinner. It was a female relative who greeted Kang Youwei.

Also angry is the intellectuals of the Imperial Academy, because there are rumors that the hospital has to cut the preparation &mdash&mmdash the iron rice bowl is not iron.

Even Li Hongzhang is worried about the personal safety of Kang Youwei, letting him come to the door to persuade him to hire a bodyguard to prevent being stabbed.

From Pu Songling to Wu Jinglian, hate eight shares can be described as life is infinite. The reason why Jiang Yue is only similar in years, there is no better alternative to Gain.

Kang Youwei's decision to change eight stocks is not new, but because of subjectivity is too strong, it has caused serious difficulties in marking. Zhejiang Xuezheng Chen Xueyu is very stupid and naive. According to the actual performance, Guangxu gave a sentence &ldquo since he will not read the policy, he will not be inspected &rdquo, immediately removed.

Welcome to the heavens, the hooligans and the liar's paradise

This makes the opposition rabbits die and sorrow.

Xu Yingying, who has been re-employed in the book of the Ministry of Education, is obsessed with education. He is obsessed with the imperial concubine, and Shen Shilu and Song Bolu participated in it under the instigation of Kang Youwei &ldquo迂谬&rdquo One.

Resolutely pleading for it, not allowed. Also request &ldquo to make a defense & rdquo, reluctantly agreed.

Xu Yingyu visited the church for the night,A good suggestion, but a little correction is needed. Liang Qichao is working in the translation bureau. The work is important and it is not allowed to be separated. It is better to change Kang Youwei to supervise the "Shishi Bao". &rdquo

It can be seen that Kaiming’s reformists such as Sun Jiaxuan are also eager to kick Kang Youwei out of Beijing.

Kang Youwei thinks about it and thinks of a perfect strategy. At the same time as accepting the appointment, send a telegram to Wang Kangnian:

Dedicated to the newspaper, everything remains. Looking for help, there is something wrong.

Lai is not gone in Beijing.

But in order to appease the anger of the timid, Guangxu had to break the wrist.

The wording of the captain is tough, and Kang Youwei immediately leaves Beijing, not allowed &ldquoprolonged wait and see & rdquo. In the secret, he said that the situation is unreasonable and hard to complain. Ai Qing takes care of the body, self-regulation, and builds a great cause in the future.

That night, when Lin Xu visited Kang, he left the Shangyu in the Nanhai Guild Hall and attached a note, and Kang Kang did not go out early, and there was something to tell.

Bi Yongnian saw Lin Xu’s rush, and it was obvious that he had made a retreat. He found Kang Guangren, saying that he had a good relationship with Yuan Shikai, and how can he act? Still can't easily take on the task of doing something well.

Kang Guangren angered: &ldquo汝, etc. is full of books, arguing on the weekdays, and doing things, but dragging the water! &rdquo

Bi Yongnian patiently said: &ldquoMy life is small, but I can't be confused and die. Mr. Kang has made me accomplices. Why can't I let me put a word? Under the influence of the southerners, the first to the Northern Army, led the soldiers who did not know each other, within ten days, how can they be confided, how can they get their dead force? Moreover, I am a tribute to the tribute (the province's academic administration from the prefects of the prefectures to select the best results to be sent to the Guozijian study, equivalent to shrinking version of the people), with this soldier, not alone, the same army will be strange. &rdquo

Kang Guangren heard the words, more and more unhappy, sneered out of the room.

At this time, Kang Youwei was drinking with Xu Zhijing at Song Bolu's house. When he was high, he sang Kunqu. At the end of the song, grievances and sorrows, and talk about timely things, can not help but sigh each other.

After seeing the captain, I don’t know. Bi Yongnian, another deputy & ldquo I want to be a deserter & rdquo expressions come together, repeated the words of Kang Guangren. Kang Youwei came to the air on the spot: &ldquo You are a tribute leader, but also very decent, why not! The matter has not yet been decided, you should not worry too much. &rdquo

The next morning, Lin Xu came to the Nanhai Guild Hall to bring in two secrets.

Kang Youwei called Xu Zhijing, holding the secret that was smashed by Yang Rui for three days, and reading the same with Liang Qichao, Kang Guangren and Tan Wei, reading and reading stand up.

&ldquoCalculate &rdquo Xu Shichang to visit (the situation is unknown, Xu Tong Yuan Shikai splits the action, respectively contact the two parties). Kang Youwei’s movement, began to burst into tears, tearing his heart, such as death.

Everyone followed the tears, one louder than one, I don’t know, I thought I was going to open a memorial service. Xu Shichang was infected and wiped his tears. The South China Sea Hall suddenly cried.

The big head visits are not met, and the housekeeper said: &ldquo The master went out, leaving you to wait for him. &rdquo

The house that the House of Government’s Shengping Department arranged for Cixi today is about the Beijing opera "Zhaodai Temple" by Yang Jiajiang. It starts at 10 o'clock in the morning and lasts until 8 o'clock in the evening.

Because I have to meet with Ito Bowen the next day, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Guangxu left the Summer Palace and drove back to the palace.

The party’s morale is low. At lunch time, Liang Qichao indicated that Kang Weijun, a well-known Kangmen disciple with Bi Yongnian, had his last temptation.

Qian Weijun: &ldquoWhat should I do if Mr. Kang wants to kill the Queen Mother? &rdquo

Bi Yongnian: &ldquo How do you know? &rdquo

Qian Weijun: &ldquo just now Liang Jun said to me, &lsquo Mr. means that when you know the emperor, you only say that it is dethroned wait until you go to the Summer Palace When you catch it, you can kill it. I don't know if Bi Jun is willing to do this, why don't you explore his tone. &rsquo It seems that this is true, what are you going to do? &rdquo

Bi Yongnian: &ldquo I have long expected that he wants me to play the role of Cheng Ji. Dude, wait and see. &rdquo

Chengji was the Cao Weiwu of the Three Kingdoms, and was attacked by Sima Zhao’s heart and confession. Later, Sima Zhao calmed the public and smashed it into the door, making it the most famous scapegoat in history.

Kang Youwei is clear, Bi Yongnian's line is not expected, and he is not willing to stay away from the power center and he began to figure out how to showdown with Yuan Shikai.

Yuan Shikai didn't see him returning to the government in the evening. The next person came to report, saying that Rong Lu was ordered to pass the British warships in Tanggukou, so that he would return to the defense as soon as possible and had to return to Fahua Temple first.

Watching the drama intermittently, the princes, the princes, the princes, and Li Lianying turned to help the Queen Mother.

For a few months, similar bitter dramas, Cixi, have long been commonplace. Even if this time, with the singer’s transfer of Rong Lu’s secret letter and Yang Chongyi’s fierce approval of Kang Liang’s fold, she still believes that the fire has not yet arrived. .

Yuan Shikai is blessing the candle, the doorman suddenly reports Tan HaoSame visit.

The big head immediately stopped writing and greeted, and saw that Tan Yitong was wearing a casual dress, followed by Xu Shichang.

The emperor is close to the court, naturally do not dare to neglect, busy please enter the room, chilling each other.

Tan Sitong: &ldquo I don’t think that the public is so handsome and has a general style. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai couldn’t understand his intentions, but with Xu Shichang, the guess was mostly sent by Kang Youwei, so he had to deal with it first.

Tan Sitong: &ldquo Is the public the day after tomorrow? &rdquo

Yuan Shikai: &ldquoThe existing British ship patrolling the sea, ready to return to Tianjin in advance after the training on the day of the discount. &rdquo

Tan Sitong goes straight into the door: &ldquo Can be worried, suffering from internal ears. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai is busy asking why.

Tan Sitong: &ldquo Publicly accepted by Tern, when thinking about it. There will be great difficulties in this day, and non-public can't save! &rdquo

Yuan Shikai discoloration: &ldquoYuan Jiashi Mu Huang En, this time has not been promoted, dare not hesitate to report Tian En? I don't know where the emperor is? &rdquo

Tan Sitong: &ldquo Rong Lu’s recent advice, will be abolished. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai stared at him for a long time, feeling like he was talking about a joke, then he shook his head and said that Rong Lu was quite loyal, and there was no possibility of rebellion. It was a rumor.

Tan Yitong retelled Xu Renlu’s words in the small station, reminding Yuan Shikai: You can’t rise to the official, and Gai Rongrong suppresses it the reason why it is promoted depends on our recommendation.

Say it and give it to Yuan Shikai.

The detailed coup plan is written on it, and the original reasoning of the island Tianzhuang is also mysterious.

After watching the big &ldquoSoul Flying Out &rdquo, subconsciously: &ldquoWhat does the encirclement and garden do? &rdquo

Tan Tan with murderous dew: &ldquo not to be ruined, the country can not be guaranteed. This matter is in me, the public does not have to ask. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai said that to kill the Queen Mother, his subordinates are hard to obey.

Tan Sitong: &ldquo I employ dozens of heroes, go to this old age, do not need to use the public, only ask you to do two things, 诛荣禄, 颐和和园. If the public does not allow, I will die in the public. The life of the public is in my hand, and my life is in the hands of the public. I have to decide tonight, I am going to the palace to ask for help. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai is thinking about the core secrets and letting them listen. If you refuse, you can't really bleed the five-step corpse, and you can say: &ldquo It can be decided without breaking the sloppy rate. Moreover, if you enter the palace tonight, the emperor may not be allowed to do so. &rdquo

Tan Yutong: &ldquoI have a problemThe law of the system will certainly be accurate. Tomorrow, the emperor must have Zhu Xi together and hand it over to you. &rdquo

The big words are more horrifying. Tanning? Do you want to kidnap the emperor?

had to continue to grind with him: &ldquo Beiyang Songqing, Dong Fuxiang and Nie Shicheng had a total of 40,000 troops, and there were tens of thousands of soldiers in Beijing. However, the number of people in this department is only seven thousand. I am afraid that when the outside army moves, the capital is immediately martial, and the emperor is in danger. &rdquo

Tan Yitong thinks that he is not careful: &ldquo When the soldiers move, the Emperor Zhu Xi will be known to the various forces, and at the same time, the people will be mobilized! &rdquo

Yuan Shikai finds objective reasons: &ldquo Grain and fire bullets, all in Tianjin, not in the small station camp. The grain bomb must be led before the army can be moved. &rdquo

Tan Sitong has to buy an insurance: &ldquo So, I ask the emperor to give you Zhu Xi to save. When you are ready to be arranged, please tell me the date and start. &rdquo

Such a shocking time bomb, how Yuan Kekai is willing to accept: &ldquo I dare not hesitate to die, only worried about the leak, involving the emperor. Once you have a pen and paper, you will not be careful. You must not pay Zhu Xi first. You will go back first, let me know carefully, arrange it half a month later, and tell you what to do. &rdquo

Tan Yitong naturally does not: &ldquo The emperor is very anxious, I have a stack of books in hand, we must draw up a way to recover. &rdquo

said that he took out the Guangxu and gave it to Yang Rui, and was also acquainted by Kang Youwei.

Yuan Shikai found that he wrote with an ink pen, and immediately asked: &ldquo This is not Zhu Xi, and there is no such thing as Rong Lu, the encirclement and the garden! &rdquo

Tan Sitong: &ldquoThis is a transcription. 谕 & & lsquo good policy & rsquo, that contains these two things. &rdquo

This is really the Emperor of Shangmen who deceived Yuan.

Yuan Shikai originally made up his mind, neither agreeing nor rejecting it, but seeing that Tan Wei’s voice is getting stronger and stronger, and the clothes are so high that it seems to contain weapons, and it will ease the road: &ldquo Tianjin. At that time, the army will gather, only one inch of paper in the emperor, who dare not follow? Nothing can be done! &rdquo

&ldquo Wait until then, the emperor will be dethroned, the situation is very urgent! &rdquo

&ldquoThe life of the patrol is not a surprise. &rdquo

&ldquo is now ready, costly, I will ask Rong Lu to persuade the Queen, must go on a tour. This matter is with me, you can rest assured. &rdquo

In fact, after killing the garden, he did notI agree, I have clearly stated to Bi Yongnian: &ldquo This is not a good thing, and Mr. Kang will want to do it, and make the emperor swear, what is my reason? &rdquo

Earlier, he stood firmly in the anti-Qing position, complaining that Kang Youwei turned to reform and reform is a branch.

However, the ink-makers are arrogant in the world, and Tan Sitong is both loyal and righteous. Once you look for it, then the loyalty of the affair, the act of justice & mdash & mdash this is an intellectual who has always been divided, and the words and deeds are never able to look back.

Tan Tongtong: &ldquo report to Jun, save the king, and make great achievements. &rdquo

Saying, he patted his neck with his hand: &ldquo If you are rich, you will be changed to the seal, and the Son of Heaven will be in the public. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai: &ldquowhat are you when I am! The three generations of Yuan Jia were deeply cherished by the country, and they were not ungrateful and wronged. But it can be beneficial to the monarch, and it must be a life and death. &rdquo

This is the truth. Yuan Shikai’s gracefulness is the principle of being a man, and he is full of vigilance for Guangxu. Therefore, he is excited: &ldquoWhen the military parade, if the emperor comes to my camp, killing Ronglu is like killing one. dog! &rdquo

Tan Yitong finally believes that standing up, even Yuan Shikai is &ldquo odd men & rdquo.

Yuan Shikai had an excuse to rush to the memorial, and Tan Yutong got up and left, leaving the Fahua Temple.

History doesn't repeat the facts, but it repeats the law

After watching the show, Cixi yawned and picked up Yang Chongyi's memorial.

For a moment, the fold was heavily photographed on the table. Cixi said to Li Lianying: &ldquo Tomorrow morning, drive back to the palace! &rdquo

Originally, Yang Chongyi said that the emperor was preparing to meet Ito Bowen on September 20.

Citing Ito, the rumors of dictatorship were confirmed.

From the perspective of Cixi, the proposal for the appointment of foreigners has been dismissed, and a fierce quarrel broke out. Guangxu dared to go it alone.

If this can be tolerated, it is not surnamed Yeh Nara.

The dry door has been in the palm of the hand, and the candlelight shines through the door, shining on the bronze lion that stands in front of the stone platform. The lion that looked so mighty during the day seemed to fall asleep in the dark.

After breakfast the next day, Bi Yongnian found that Tan Hao, who had not returned to the night, came back tiredly and was busy asking him for news.

Tan Tan combed his hair on the same side, and he was powerless: &ldquoYuan did not agree, but did not resolutely deny it, and wanted to do it slowly. &rdquo

Bi Yongnian: &ldquoYuan is not available? &rdquo

Tan Yitong did not respond positively, but complained that Kang Youwei insisted on using Yuan.

Bi Yongnian panicked: &ldquo Did you tell Yuan all the plots last night? &rdquo

Bi Yongnian jumped up: &ldquo Things completely failed, completely failed! What is this, can you say it and stop doing it? I am afraid that there will be a catastrophe! I can't be with you, and I will move out of here. Brothers should also be self-employed, and they will not be able to do the same with them! &rdquo

In the afternoon, Bi Yongnian moved to the neighboring Ningxiang Guild Hall to pay close attention to the changes in the situation.

Kang Youwei runs around, is Guangxu, and is also dying for himself.

First, Rong Rong said that he could find a help from the US ambassador. He didn’t think it was meaningful. He went to Li Timo and found that the British ambassador went to Beidaihe to take a summer break. Finally, I went to the Japanese Embassy to visit Ito and asked him to see the Empress.

Ito said that he may not be able to see the Queen Mother. If he sees it, he must help.

On the way to the Forbidden City, the fleet of more than 600 people was vast, and the cichlids on the sedan chair were sullen.

Everything in the palace is like yesterday. Yang Shenxiu’s suggestion to mine the gold and silver buried in the legendary Yuanmingyuan underground seems to provide an excuse for Guangxu to adjust Yuan to Beijing.

Guangxu already has an ominous premonition, and is saddened by the military ministers: &ldquo朕不不惜, death and resignation, if you are willing to inspire Tianliang, Gu Quan’s foundation, and protect the new policy, Sudden death without regrets. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai closed the door and thanked Xu Shichang for discussing countermeasures.

Actually, there is no choice. If you don’t sue the conspiracy of the Kampong Party’s winning odds, you won’t be able to get along with it, and the dead and clear forces that have been painstakingly accumulated will be paid off.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke said that the most intelligent way of doing things is to both white-eyed and secular.

Kang Youwei is defeated in immaturity. Because a mature person often finds that people who can blame are less and less &mdash&mmdash is that people have his difficulties.

Yuan Shikai is especially able to understand the difficulties of people. After all, you and I are born in an unprecedented autocratic country.

Therefore, for people, he stays wide, never because of the driving of the high beam, the national quality is low for the system, he is strict, always remember the early years 描述 A description of the democratic republic.

Therefore, the Golden Cup sipping a lot, the white blade is not worthy.

In the evening, Cixi returned to the Forbidden City and went straight to the Guangxu Palace. She took all the pieces and gave it to her. All the documents signed by the military aircraft in the future will be given to her.

That night, Kang Youwei just returned to the South China Sea HallEveryone will force them to avoid the limelight. Immediately, Tan Yitong moved to Liuyang Hall, and Liang Qichao ran to Rongyu Residence. For a time, people went to the building to make birds and beasts scattered.

On the morning of September 20th, Yuan Shikai went to the palace to ask for training.

Guangxu does not say a word.

The mind is very clear, the emperor has been monitored, and the road: &ldquo ancient and modern countries are not easy to change, if there is no internal worry, there is an external problem. When the emperor is patient, he will take care of the food step by step. If you are too hasty, you will have a disadvantage. In addition, the reform must be especially popular, and people who have real Mingda affairs and old-fashioned people like Zhang Zhidong must be praised and presided over. Newly entered the ministers, although there are no shortage of brave people, but the experience is too shallow, the work is not secret. If there is a mistake and it involves the emperor, the relationship will be significant. Always pay attention to it, then the world is fortunate! The minister was deeply enthralled and did not dare not die. &rdquo

Yuan Shikai said, basically the heart of the heart, or Guangxu will not & ld ldquo quite moving & rdquo.

But for the example of Zhang Zhidong, who is a late-principal, it is obvious that he also pleased Cixi.

Seeing Guangxu not answering, Yuan Shikai had to ask Ann to retreat. A bodyguard minister took the opportunity to take a picture of his back and whispered: &ldquo Good boy. &rdquo

is obviously the eyes and ears of Cixi. Yuan Shikai was shocked by a cold sweat.

On the train to Tianjin, Xu Shichang once again analyzed the necessity of whistle-blowing to Yuan Shikai, who was hesitant: even if the Kang party was lucky, the Guangxu re-established authority, it was nothing more than strengthening centralization and ending The local government is in a political situation. As a result, the goal of leaving the Qing is farther away.

Yuan Shikai is no longer shaken.

Choosing Ronglu as the object of whistle-blowing, because he is involved, he dare not wait for it. And, selling a person to the post-party upstart, why not?

Zhongnanhai Qinzheng Temple.

The interview with Ito Bowen only lasted for fifteen minutes, and the eyes of Cixi's haze after the screen made it a routine.

When Ito entered the temple, Zhang Yinxi took the initiative to shake hands and took his sleeves and took them to Tanjung. Cixi could not understand this Western etiquette, nor would he understand that he had a basic feeling. Therefore, I can only feel that Zhang Yinyi is more and more arrogant in the indulgence of Guangxu.

Advice must also be tactical. The conspiracy of the Kang party, Yuan Shikai did not shake all out. He only said that he was surrounded by a garden, but he did not mention it after the killing.

In this way, it not only protects Guangxu, but also avoids the culprit of Cixi Daxing, and it affects itself who once walked close to the Kang Party and became a backbone.

The people in the department came and went, Yuan Shikai just said that he was probably blocked, so he had to leave.

The next morning, Rong Lu came to Yuanfu and listened to Yuan Shikai.After that, immediately shouted: &ldquo If there is a slightest guilty of Rongmou, Heaven will marry me! &rdquo

Yuan Shikai: &ldquoThis matter has nothing to do with the emperor. If the empires are endangered, I will only be poisoned. &rdquo

Over the Forbidden City, the clouds are over.

The fierce voice passed through Zhumen and echoed in the empty square. The lens slowly descended until the door beam of the dry door stood against the top of the screen, causing endless repression.

The Qing Palace, Cixi's sullen face, sitting on a yellow satin chair.

All the chapters have been inspected during the change, although the shocking creations after the killing of the park have not been exposed, but various reactionary remarks are dazzling.

So Cixi decided to declare training on this day.

One side of the throne is holding a lonely Guangxu, the other side is the minister of the king, and the middle is the bamboo stick used to implement the family law.

Cixi crazy spurt: &ldquo The world is the ancestral world, how dare you arbitrarily! These ministers are my choice for many years to help you, how dare you not! Why does Kang have something better than the one I choose? Why are you so fainting, don't look like this! &rdquo

Spray the right side and start spraying left: &ldquo Emperor ignorance, why don't you try your best? I thought I really didn't care, let him lose the country and lose the country? In the spring of the year, the emperor said that since the emperor was willing to make great efforts, he said that I can also worry about it. What I think is that the foreign minister does not know the inside story, and there is no learning, but I think that I am holding the political affairs, and I am not allowed to let go of it. Today, I know that he can't do it. He is the one I stood up, the country that died, the sin is here, can I ask? You are not guilty, it is your sin. &rdquo

Resolutely: &ldquo I have been bitter and bitter, and I have been condemned every time. Several other military ministers have exhortations and do not speak. &rdquo

Cixi to Guangxu: &ldquo Disrupted ancestral system, if you commit this crime, do you know what sin? Is it important that your ancestors are important or well-being? &rdquo

Guangxu battle chestnut: &ldquoChildren are certainly confused, but foreigners are forced to be too anxious, want to preserve the national pulse, pass the trial of Western law, not to listen to the law of Kang. &rdquo

Cixi heard the words of foreigners come to the air, the voice immediately rose eight degrees: &ldquo Is the ancestor worse than the devil? Kang Youwei is not doing anything wrong (intuition is quite accurate), you don't know? Still dare to take care of it? &rdquo

Soon, a paper published in the name of the emperor called Kang Youwei & ldquo party smuggling, rumors and chaos & rdquo Same leatherThere is also Song Bolu, and Kang Guangren is also taken.

When the marching commander led the Tuen Mun to the Nanhai Guild Hall, Kang Youwei had already boarded the Taikoo Company's &ldquoChongqing & rdquo through Li Timothy and sailed to Shanghai. Liang Qichao also rushed into the Japanese embassy for help. According to the minister, Lin Quan helped me to recall, &ldquoHe was pale and floating with tragic gas, which shows that the situation is very high. &rdquo

The happiest thing is Yang Chongyi, who jumped up and down three months, and finally lit the fuse of &ldquoEight Messiah Anti-Coup & rdquo How happy is the fun? He jumped to Tianjin and reported to Rong Lu.

Rong Lu sent people to Yuan Shikai, handed him a cup of tea, jokingly said: &ldquo This non-poison, you can drink. &rdquo

Yang Chongyi took Yuan Shikai’s informative message and flew back to Beijing in a mood of ecstasy.

The intensity of the anti-coup has expanded.

Tan Yitong had a premonition to be ominous. He helped Kang Guangren to finish his diet and went to the Japanese embassy to persuade Liang Qi to go beyond Dongyang and write on the manuscript.

When screening, Hao Ran said: &ldquo There is no pedestrian, no picture to the future no dead, no reward for the Lord. &rdquo

After a meeting with Liang Qichao, Tan Yitong strode out of the embassy.

That night, Liang Qichao changed into a suit and broke away.

The flight of Kang Youwei is as leisurely as the old tourist group. He did not know that the anti-coup had already taken place. He just obeyed the imperial edict and went to Shanghai to run the newspaper. He was still in love, and he returned to the first step.

The gods are generally as helpful as God. The Qing government's &ldquoEagle & rdquo day and night mad chasing & ld ldquo Chongqing & rdquo, seeing that it will catch up in Yantai, the result of burning coal, the ship does not open Moved.

What's more fancy is that Kang Sheng's portrait is wrapped in a layer of protective aura, and there is no fear of getting out of the boat in Yantai, and going shopping in the downtown area, and sending a microblog on the street.

In fact, the telegraph that has captured Kang Youwei has already been sent to Denglai Qingdao, but this road happens to be not in Yantai, so it is completed and &ldldquoAging Tour Group & rdquo Shandong Day Tour .

However, the terminal's network has been laid.

Shanghai Dao Cai received a telegram and sharpened the knife. He wanted to let the public go to the public toilet for security check, and finally alerted the British consul in Shanghai, Bai Linan.

Under the arrangement of the White Consul, Kang Youwei arrived in Shanghai and was escorted to Hong Kong before he came to the Bund.

On September 23, Cixi, who was arrested by Yang Chongyi and confessed to the party, immediately ordered the arrest of military aircraft, four chapters, Jing and Zhang Yinxuan, Xu Zhijing, and the ban on Guangxu in Zhongnanhai Lake.Heart Island collapses.

In the wind, the imperial concubine Yang Shenxiu, who was neither a party nor a conspiracy, jumped into the fire pit and saw the righteousness on the ground to ask the emperor, and &ldquo Return to politics & rdquo.

After taking the singularity, he took action and went to Nanyuan to lobby Dong Fuxiang to go to Beijing to rescue the car.

The result was caught when you went out.

Tan Sitong and Wang Zhaozhen wanted to fight back, one looking for a big knife, five, one looking for a Japanese, no more. Wang Zhao was traced to Japan, and Tan Sitong was arrested the next day.

That night, Li Hongzhang banqueted Ito Bowen, and the anti-coup was naturally the subject of discussion.

Ito’s entourage Okaoka was sitting next to Li Hongzhang and asked him what he was doing.

Li Hongzhang: &ldquo is nothing but inciting people and committing public anger. &rdquo

Okaoka Yuki: &ldquoUnder the ignorance, it is better to cultivate it than to search for punishment, and to leave some room for revitalizing China. After all, what Kang has done is nothing more than expanding the unfinished business of Zhongtang adults. &rdquo

Li Hongzhang: &ldquo You are all right, Kang Youwei can do a lot in the future, but from the current situation, there is no way. &rdquo

The most hated of Cixi, Zhang Yinxuan and Kang Youwei are also two.

The former is the same and the enhanced version, the latter is even more mad to hijack themselves. The two men sang and sang together, and almost introduced the foreigners to the court, which is called &#ldquo lead party & rdquo model.

Now that Kang Youwei ran away, Zhang Yinyi became a dagger. Without an accident, it was sure to be immortal.

If you don’t have a life, you often encounter it.

Under the diplomatic interference of Japan and the United Kingdom, Zhang Yinxuan was taken out and exiled to Xinjiang. Looking at the British indictment's almost intimidating rhetoric (&ldquo execution of a high-ranking bureaucrat such as Zhang Yinyi, who is famous in the West, will cause very bad results & rdquo), Cixi hates itching.

Of course you will ask, how does the U.S. and U.K. look so concerned about China’s internal affairs?

is to force the "China-Russia Secret Treaty". In order to prevent the expansion of Russia's forces in China, the Japanese and British Unions jointly sought out the spokespersons of Chinese political circles. Zhang Yinying, who is a good friend, and Kang You, who has been a Mongolian, have become the most suitable candidates.

The rest of the people commit crimes, the highest official is Xu Zhijing, and the Kang Liang is Xu Zhijing, which is spoken in Sichuan dialect &ldquo Run off, horse brain & rdquo.

However, few people know that Xu Jia and Li have a very deep relationship. Li Hongzhang, who had been playing soy sauce for a long time, finally exerted his strength on the protection of Xu Zhijing and re-trusted Rong Lu.Say: &ldquoYang Jing is a nerd, so good to sing Kunqu, do not understand the New Deal, you give a personal feeling. &rdquo

Although it is difficult, Li Hongzhang’s face is still to be bought. After Rong Lu’s assistant to the ambassador of Xu Zhijing, the emperor never summoned & rdquo to persuade Cixi to give way.

After checking the file, it was found that it was, and it was changed from &ldquo斩定&rdquo to &ldquo斩监&rdquo.

The truth is that Xu Zhijing’s ears are back. Guangxu has ears on the wall and it’s not good to yell with him, so there is something to do with business, often sending people to speak.

On September 26, the Qing government announced that it would restore the units that were streamlined by Guangxu

Back to a hundred days ago.

Originally, I wanted to establish a memorial archipelago to rule the country, so that I would like to hear the military military four chapters of Beijing and Yang Shenxiu and Kang Guangren with the three law divisions (Criminal Department, Duchayuan, Dali Temple), and finally the Cixi was really angry. Ping, directly let the food market cut to the mouth.

The Wuxu Six Gentlemen, the most genus is Guangren. He is neither a civil servant nor a conspiracy to participate in the Kang party. He is only boarding in his brother and occasionally helping.

So when I caught people, I didn’t even run.

Who knows the consequences are very serious.

In the prison, Kang Guangren hit the wall all day, grief and call sign, it was really &ldquo six gentlemen & rdquo

Tan Yi agreed to be self-sufficient, and went around the room all the time to pick up the coal dust on the ground and make a book on the wall. Lin Xu laughed at everything and completely ignored the appearance of one thing.

On September 28, summoned people. Kang Guangren thought that the death period was approaching and he was crying. Liu Guangdi served in the Ministry of Punishment and comforted him: &ldquo This is a trial, not a punishment, crying! &rdquo

While pulling from the west corner door, Liu Guangdi was stunned: by convention, he was tied to the city of Cao, who started the West Point.

So the big shout: &ldquoUnexamined, not convicted, is it going to kill? Why are you fainting! &rdquo

The scene of the crowds of people can not help but make people suspiciously cross back to the end of the Ming Dynasty, that time onlookers are Yuan Chonghuan. In the past 250 years, it seems that nothing has changed except for the scorpion behind the head.

The sergeant was just sitting on the stage.

Liu Guangdi's loud voice: &ldquo Although the ancestral thieves screamed and screamed, it was also a resumption of communication, and my generation was not pity, such as the national body? &rdquo

Although Du Fu's blood, I can pity, but you are not mixed in China on the first day, don't you understand that the so-called national body is just your life and death. Political struggles never talk about procedures, only thirty-six.

In this country, the most painful thing is to learn the law.

Liu Guangdi uses his set of criminal thinkingRepeatedly questioned, the last two hands of Gangyi: &ldquo I was ordered to be sentenced, others do not know. &rdquo

The jailer forced the six to kneel down, Liu Guangdi stood unyielding, Yang Rui sadly said: &ldquo Fei Village (Liu Guangdi word), right It is the purpose of the agreement. &rdquo

Tan Sitong is very calm, saying &ldquoI have a word & rdquo, let the fortitude come forward.

The gas field is so powerful that it forces the fortitude to move.

For a long time, Tan Yitong laughed loudly. The executioner raised the ghost knife. Suddenly, like a long sky cut from the clouds, Tan’s shouts shook the world:

Desperate to kill the thief, unable to return to the sky die of its own, fast and fast!

On this day, the gloom was over, and it was raining. Yan Fu, who is in Beijing, wrote with a heavy heart &ldquo Yanshi Tianru, Xuannan (south of Xuanwumen) rain came again & rdquo.

Li Wei stroked the photo of Fu Jun, dripping his sleeves and tears.

That was taken by Tan Sitong in Nanjing, at the age of thirty-two. The white long gown, with the black samurai costume, the left hand fork on the waist, the right hand holding the phoenix sword with his handle walking the rivers and lakes, thick eyebrows and eyes, sparkling like electricity, there is a kind of mountain, proud of the righteousness of death.

Tan Yitong has only one wife, and the two are sung and sing, and love is added.

Before calling to Beijing, the husband and wife had a candle, and they played against &ldquoRounds & rdquo & &ldldldquocrash&rdquo.

In the summer of the 16th year, a phoenix tree with a height of about six feet was destroyed by a thunder. Tan Sitong made two lyres with his ruins, and it was ordered as &ldquo Remnant & rdquo &ldquo Collapse & rdquo.

So the sword is timid, but the object is human. Looking at the two pianos, Li Wei cried and wrote &ldquo bleak deep and sorrowful night, the light is not dead! &rdquo

Even worse is the wife of Yang Shenxiu and Lin Xu, who heard the husband’s death, both yang &hellip&hellip

Even the famous famous poem "The Incarceration" failed to escape the Kang Party's poisonous hand. In order to erase the poetry &ldquo kill the Queen Mother & rdquo coup plan, Tan Yitong's original sentence & ldquo hand throwing Ou Zhi Yang Tianxiao, stay guilty sinners & rdquo also changed to & ldquo I laughed from the cross knife to the sky, to stay in the liver and gallbladder two Kunlun & rdquo.

The latter is indeed more powerful, but the source is the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom general Miao Peilin’s "Autumn Sit" &hellip&hellip

Kang Shengren said to himself &ldquo Resurrection is no longer alive, there is a good for you & rdquo. In fact, it is not inaction, but chaos.

The accepted statement is that Yang Chongyi’s memorial has initiated the Wuxu anti-coup, and Yuan Shikai’s confession has expanded the anti-coup.

In fact, Cixi has determined to train politics, and Kang Guangren has also been imprisoned. It is only a matter of time before the rebellion plan for Kang’s lameness is judged.

For anyone, in the face of Tan Yutong holding a fake scorpion, you will force you to go to the whole family like Atango to complete the impossible task (seven thousand people to 70,000) People), it is impossible to rush to agree.

Moreover, the Kang party has always been blundering, and the incident is not secret. Once the wind is heard, it will be difficult to accuse itself. Yuan Shikai evaded the weight and lightly &ldquo after the killing of the garden & rdquo said &ldquo after the robbery & rdquo, has been done to the best.

In contrast, Kang Youwei, who was harassed by Cixi in an interview with an English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, also lied that Guangxu had given himself a belt to find the British to seek help and restore the throne.

I am so cool, I can go overseas and continue to swindle and swindle, but put the Guangxu in a land of eternal annihilation.

White waves roll, seagulls.

On the deck of the Big Island, Liang Qichao’s heart was vast, and he whispered the “Go to the Country” just after the grass:

Turn around and ignore my east.

The captain saw him staying on the side of the ship all day long, fearing that he could not open the sea to kill himself, and then sent the best-selling novel "The Beauty of the Man" in Japan to Liang Qichao for his relief. .

This novel of Chai Silang has an international vision and a lot of temperament. He fictionalized four protagonists: Japanese youth Donghai Sanshi, the daughter of the Spanish general in exile, You Lan, the beautiful woman who joined the Irish independence movement, Hong Lian, and the late Ming Dynasty dynasty of the resurrection movement.

This group of people gathered in the United States, the North American War of Independence, the French Revolution and even the Eastern School Uprising, the Sino-Japanese War, and the history celebrities of various countries also appeared.

There is a country in the book, and there is a love between men and women. It is just a big river drama a hundred years ago. It is obvious that Liang Qichao feels the same and cannot bear the release.

Affected by this, shortly after arriving in Japan, Liang Qichao, who is still unfinished, wrote an overhead novel "New China's Future", imitating "The Beauty of the Future", fictional from 1902 to 1962. Changes in China during the year.

At the beginning of the novel, the Eight-Power Allied Forces conquered Beijing, and the southern provinces practiced autonomy. By 1912, they opened the National Assembly and established &ldquoGreater China Democracy & rdquo. Emperor Luo in the field (alluding to Guangxu Emperor Xinjue Luo & middot contained 湉) automatically abdicated, was elected by the National Assembly as the first president.

The second president is the hero of the founding of the Republic, Huang Keqiang, take &ldquoThe descendants of the Yellow Emperor can self-improvement & rdquo meaning, just coincided with the later Huang Xing (word Keqiang).

After 50 years of reform, China’s economy and culture have become highly developed and become super-powerful countries. Foreigners are learning Chinese.

In 1962, politicians from all over the world gathered in the capital, Nanjing, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of China's reform, &ldquo not in a hurry, so lively & rdquo.

At the same time, at the World Expo held in Shanghai, experts and scholars gathered, and the Expo not only displayed technology, but also a forum for collision and exchange of ideas and ideas.

Unfortunately, like Zixia Fairy, he guessed the beginning (1912), but guessed the ending (1962).

One month later, Rong Lu adopted the advice of the big head, and changed the four army of Song Qing, Yuan Shikai, Nie Shicheng and Dong Fuxiang to Wu Wei Zuojun (mountain customs) and right army (in Tianjin station). The former army (located in Tianjin Ninghe), the latter army (located in Jixian County, Tianjin), and raised 27 battalions directly under the jurisdiction, said &ldquo Wuwei Zhongjun & rdquo (Beijing Nanyuan).

The martial arts army, which was compiled by the martial arts, was defended by Rong Lu and became the strongest national defense force in the late Qing Dynasty.

Yuan Shikai's move is not only good for the glory of the Zhongtang, but also for Cixi to find the good feeling of 闽ICP备17005296号-2